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Hi, my Name is Lea and I'm the founder of 

"Lady Revenga" is a brand for everything unusual in the crafting world. It's a treasure chest for everyone who loves the extraordinary. I can offer you in depth knowledge of all kinds of materials and techniques and present to you a perfect mix of quality and bargain.

It all started in late 2011 in a small student apartment and grew each year a little more.

In close cooperation with the crafting community we shaped and formed the product range. We have arranged some large custom orders directly from the factory and made incredible good prices possible for us with a common special taste. We are now producing most of our resin cameo products in Europe and I am hoping to produce more goods in the neighborhood, soon. As we are growing we can soon do our own fabric production, which will be again designed by the community.

Since 2015 is also delivering to companies small and large as I have developed very good connections to factories.

I really want to thank everyone for supporting this project, which has become my life and receives all my time and passion. I do this full time+ and I'm on the brink of my capacities but I really love and appreciate this job! I am trying to give something back to you by offering the supplies you wish for at the best prices possible.

lrich-editThank you so much for visiting and have a creative day! - Lea